Water Loss Europe 2017

Conference on Water Loss i Copenhagen 6-7- September.

Supported by the IWA Water Loss Specialist Group, this specialist conference is being organised by the Group's Northern European representatives and some of the world-leading water loss specialists in Europe.

It will consist of a one-day conference on 7 September with presentations on the latest techniques and approaches for managing distribution networks and minimising water loss. The program will provide for discussions with leading experts in Europe as well as delegate participation during the panel sessions.

Located in a prestigious venue in Central Copenhagen, this event will be of interest to all leakage and distribution managers, asset and resource managers and planners working in the water industry as well as organisations involved throughout the water value chain, including; government, water wholesalers and retailers, consultancies, Universities and non-profit organisations.

The conference committee has a real commitment to promoting the awareness and potential career opportunities that managing water loss provides. As such we are aiming to be able to provide sponsorship for several young water professionals. This is one of a series of seminars and conferences organised by Watercourse Events Ltd.

There have been four successful Water Loss UK events in 2005, 2009, 2012 and 2014 to exchange knowledge of water loss management between the UK and the international water community. This 2017 event will bring together the experiences and the challenges of water loss reduction from a wider European perspective.

Read more and sign up at http://www.waterlosseurope2017.com/