Deadline of abstract submission is Monday 22 February 2021.

More information is on https://www.luwq2021.nl/

Abstract  submission & Covid-19 – LuWQ2021 organisers are fully aware of the Covid-19 related uncertainties in the period between now and the planned conference period 27-30 September 2021.

With the submission of an abstract, you are not entering into any obligation. There is no charge for submitting an abstract. You decide later in spring 2021 (latest 30 April 2021) whether or not to attend LuWQ2021, i.e. (a) after the decision on acceptance of your abstract for presentation (oral, poster) by 23 April 2021 and (b) before activation of the webpage Registration for Conference on 30 April 2021. Please submit your abstract by Monday 22 February 2021. Please note that you can withdraw your abstract any time without any consequences.

For full information outlining the ‘safe’ possibility to submit abstracts, and also the time frame when we make follow-up decision, we refer to the webpage:  https://www.luwq2021.nl/abstract-submission-covid19/.